About Me

Hi There, thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Phil and I am a Community Manager come Operations Manager by day and a lazy good fo’ nuffin son of a something by night. I am also attempting to learn how to take photos with a camera.  I started off trying to take photos with my hand, that didn’t work out well.

I have now graduated to a Sony DSLT and my weapon of choice is a nifty little Alpha65 which I am vaguely in love with. I’m not very good at taking photos but I am learning and I certainly enjoy the process.

They say that every photographer should have a niche, I think my preference is with landscapes, but I am trying my hand (sorry- Camera) at as many things as it will willingly point itself at.

This website is my attempt at documenting my rise from happy snapper to one day, the hercules of the photography fraternity.

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