Down on Life – Soho Streets

The first few months of this year have been an interesting affair in the life of this little person. I have been so consumed by my impending career change, while searching for the meaning in various parts of my life and identity, that my photographic hobby has taken a bit of a back seat.

My lovely A65 DSLT hasn’t seen the outside of it case in a couple of months. A measure of time that is bothering me considerably now. Lucky the compact little RX100 from Sony still goes everywhere that I go. Since I handed in my resignation at Sony, I have come to appreciate the fact that it is unlikely my new office will give the kind of views that my current desk does.

Over the last month I have taken the occasional moment to both appreciate the view, and snap shots of what I see from my 2nd Floor desk…. Possibly the laziest photographic project I am ever likely to undertake. So far, in terms of photography, I have stuck to the rules of basic composition pretty strictly, safe and sensible use of the rule of thirds, and being careful to make best use crop and tilt to make sure that horizons are dead straight. With this series of photos I wanted to try something, very slightly different.

In the photos below, I have used quite aggressive levels of crop, then added tilt. I am attempting re-enforce an emotional response, of looking down on events that the subjects of these candid photos could not have comprehended, as they go about their lives. Adding to the crop, I have been dying for an excuse to go retro and play with Sepia colour tones. With this, I have stuck to high contrast and heavy vignettes, as seems to be pretty standard for Street Photography… Handy that I also like this effect myself. 🙂

Enough waffle, to the photos! please enjoy.



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