Dreaming of Home

It’s funny the effect a bit of sunshine can have on the psyche. We often talk about how it can turn the biggest sourpuss into a grinning loon. I however, at this time of the year find myself thinking about the beach, and home. Back on the fitness trail and out for a run this morning, I listened to a song called, “Life’s a beach” by the very excellent Django Django. The album is well worth a listen, if you haven’t already. That kind of set the tone for the rest of my day, if you excuse the pun.

I am lucky to come from a small town in Kent that’s well-known for its gorgeous sunsets and at times idyllic ambience. Then us DFL’s (Down From London) as we are often called, stomping about with cameras and adjectives like, unspoiled and quaint, mess it all up.

Loving my home town comes easily and not nearly enough of my time is spent there. Many friends and family are still resident, and due to work a significant birthday party was missed last night, congrats Debbie! So today, instead of doing the housework, I sat down and started trawling through some previously unpublished photos taken last year.

Today’s alternative mission has been to put something together that reflected my hazy daydreaming for the beach and a beer with my pals. I also always enjoy an excuse to play with some of the more unusual filters and features in Adobe Lightroom. The result is the small set of photos featured below.  I hope you like them.

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  1. I too am originally from Whitstable, very fond memories. Your photos are very thought provoking.

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