Summertime Snaps

I am very conscious that it has been an age since I updated this blog. Earlier in the year I started a new job, and I am ashamed to say that I have been so distracted by it a few things have fallen by the way side.

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It isn’t that I haven’t taken any photos, far from it, but most of my activity has been opportunistic and spur of the moment rather than anything planned.  Add to this possibly one of the hottest summers us Brits have seen in many years and, well, writing is something that got knocked down the priority list.

The good news is that Autumn is on its way, I have finally finished watching all 8 seasons of House and I have a few days off work. I figured what better way to start off my break than to shove a few of my summer snaps up here.

At the start of summer I took a trip to Tallinn in Estonia, I spent 3 days out there, mainly for work, but did get to spend an evening enjoying the late night sunset along the coast.

Almost a year ago now my step sister Gemma had a little boy, Kids are great subjects to practice your photographic skills with so when at family functions, he is often the centre of attention. So, during the course of the summer I have had a couple of chances to snap away and you can see the results below.

The last batch in this rather large post are a load of random shots taken since april, Some of them Instagram shots taken on the phone.

Please enjoy!

FoggyTrainStation MumGarden DSC01359 DSC03305 New Converse

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