Battersea Powerstation

Every now and again, I like to go back over some of the photos I have previously created and see if, as I learn more, have I missed anything.

The photo below is one taken over a year ago, I figured I would revisit how I edited and see if I could improve it. One of the things that I didn’t like about the original was the dull, flat colouring and very boring grey sky. So I removed most of the colouring, gave it a sepia high contast and grainy filter, then set about adjusting the levels to bring out more detail in the sky. I knda like the end results.

You can see the original photo on my feed on this link:
Nearly Home

Id love to hear your thoughts on whether you believe, this is another example of over editing….

The Powerstation about 2 hours after sunrise
The Powerstation about 2 hours after sunrise

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