January Favourites

A┬ámonth into 2015 and we’ve had maybe a flurry of snow, the English weather is as non-descriptive as it always is in the southeast. This doesn’t seem to matter to our local train service, whose ineptitude knows no bounds. I have just spent an hour stood on a frozen(ish) platform, seen all trains into my station of choice cancelled and am on course to be approximately 2 hours late for work. 4 hour commutes are all the rage these days, so I shouldn’t complain; I am fashionable. Thank you southEastern.

I digress; the point of this update isn’t to bitch about my daily dalliance into travel chaos. This is supposed to be an upbeat retrospective of my life and how 2015 has within it the promise of a delightful year ahead. So let’s start again shall we.

It’s February, it’s cold and I am a happy individual. When I look back to this time last year things have certainly turned around. I find myself living back on the coast, I have a rather lovely girlfriend and a new job chock full of thoroughly affable people. Yes, as I sit on a train, parked somewhere outside Faversham 2+ hours late for work, I find myself smiling.

Oh, there’s a new camera in my life. I’ve finally taken the plunge and ‘gone full frame’, sticking with Sony I’ve invested in the new technological marvel which is a mirrorless camera. The A7m2 is light, small and packed full of professional features. To go with the (very good) 24-70 kit lens. I have also picked up the 70-200 f4 zoom. It is a thing of beauty.

In return for this significant investment I have promised myself that I will update this journal at the very least once a month, picking out my favourite photos from the previous month, assuming of course that I’ve taken some.

Given what I’ve written above, there maybe forgiveness (eventually) for using January to show off the rather lovely family which i seem to have fallen in with┬ásince moving back to the seaside. For those who don’t like children and puppies. Look away now.


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