Tis the season

Christmas day with the family. As we draw towards the end of this year, my first as a ‘real’ camera owner, I guess it would be somewhat remiss of me not to talk a little about Christmas day.  With the exception of mother, my whole family hates having their photo taken, me included. This I… Continue reading Tis the season

Zombies and Rock

Saturday, 3rd November 2012: The initial idea for this journal entry involved writing a real-time story, presenting the progression of an evening of utter idiocy, alcoholic indulgence and photographic luck. A scenario that gave the reader a sense they are living the moment along with the author.

The Importance of location

Over the August bank holiday weekend some important lessons were learned. People told me not to expect too much from my first portrait shoot. They weren’t joking! I can’t describe it as a complete disaster; I had a lot of fun and learned LOADS, needless to say on this occasion I have created lots of pictures that are genuine… Continue reading The Importance of location