Bank Holiday Music

Another bank holiday has passed us by and I got the opportunity to give my camera a rare outing. A local band, “Kellys Heros” was playing in the East Kent Pub, just round the corner from where I am now living, So I figure this would be an ideal excuse to remind myself of just… Continue reading Bank Holiday Music

Sony Leaving Party

Warning: this is not a post about photography, although it does contain a few snaps of last nights indulgent idiocy. I want to write something down, as I have woken up this morning with a sense of… I want to say sadness, but it isn’t that….

Zombies and Rock

Saturday, 3rd November 2012: The initial idea for this journal entry involved writing a real-time story, presenting the progression of an evening of utter idiocy, alcoholic indulgence and photographic luck. A scenario that gave the reader a sense they are living the moment along with the author.

Richmond Park at Daybreak

Saturday, 27 October 2012: The day before the clocks go back and the British summer, officially at least, is over. This is also the best day (from a lazy buggers perspective) of the autumnal season to take photos at daybreak, which happens at approximately 07:45. Virtually lunchtime! *cough*

Target Acquired!

Well, I’ve only gone and done it! I have deliberated, cogitated and digested so much information over the last week, that I should have a permanent headache. That isn’t the case and the sad truth is I am beyond excited.