Richmond Park at Daybreak

Saturday, 27 October 2012: The day before the clocks go back and the British summer, officially at least, is over. This is also the best day (from a lazy buggers perspective) of the autumnal season to take photos at daybreak, which happens at approximately 07:45. Virtually lunchtime! *cough*

The Importance of location

Over the August bank holiday weekend some important lessons were learned. People told me not to expect too much from my first portrait shoot. They weren’t joking! I can’t describe it as a complete disaster; I had a lot of fun and learned LOADS, needless to say on this occasion I have created lots of pictures that are genuine… Continue reading The Importance of location

Light – It gets everywhere

Whitstable Beach

I continue my journey into this new hobby full of expectation and verve. I am, however starting to realise that there is quite a bit more involved than I might have first considered. Before I crack on with today’s subject, I want to take a minute to reflect on what I have assimilated so far.