Sony Leaving Party

Warning: this is not a post about photography, although it does contain a few snaps of last nights indulgent idiocy. I want to write something down, as I have woken up this morning with a sense of… I want to say sadness, but it isn’t that….

IMG_0728Last night was my leaving party, bringing to an end 6 wonderful years in the employ of Sony. I have seen the launch and life of PlayStation 3, many, many games; and the preparations for the forthcoming PS4. Leaving Sony is possibly the hardest decision of my life to date. Not because I love the business (I do), but because I leave behind a group of people who I genuinely love to death.

Yesterday afternoon I was subjected to the standard presentation, something we all go through and I joked that during these events I am never quite sure if people turn up to wish you well, or make sure you actually go. The proof is usually during the evening session where you book space at a bar and no one turns up.

What happened last night tugged at my heart-strings and re-ignited my faith in the human spirit. I don’t know how many people turned out, but everywhere I looked, people greeted we with smiles, hugs and well wishes; ex-colleagues made appearances, current combatants and people who I hope will continue to be labelled as friends for the rest of my life made last night an evening that, despite attempts to drown myself in whiskey sours, I will never forget. Ever.

I got home at 3am this morning, I have no idea how I am out of bed at 9am today. I am full of hangover, dosing on paracetamol and tea, but I have a smile on my face. So many people leave jobs with a sense of unfinished business, and go through their lives trying to change the things they have done. The last 6 years, I think, are something that I could never wish to change. The good the frustrating and the damn right stoopid, have all contributed to the person I am, sitting here writing this, willing my next cup of tea to make itself.

[pause – while I make my own damn cup of tea]

I made a point yesterday, of playing on repeat the rolling stones, “Gimme shelter”, I wanted to make sure that I associate one of my favourite songs with a period of my life in which I feel human, I feel loved, respected, and connected to something awesome. As corny as it sounds, I have no idea how I am going to top my time at Sony.

I have the song playing now, and I have a tear in my eye. So I guess that is job done.

I started this article with an emotional statement, I figure I should end it in that way. I am now about to move into a new chapter in my life, I’m excited, but I am also fearful that I wont be able to repeat the level of awesome I have felt here. If you have worked for or with me in the last 6 years; I love you, you are awesome. That is all.


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